Time for facial.

1.05 oz / 30 ml

Time for facial.

1.05 oz / 30 ml

Your cheat sheet to A+ pores.

Inspired by ancient Arab Bedouins that used to crush pomegranate peel and use it for both their skin and body, this clay mask takes it a step further. Joined with powerful Moroccan red clay, time for facial. Mask is surely to give you a spa-experience with spa results.

Facts To Know: Appropriate for all skin types, non-irritating, parabens free, alcohol Free, sulphates free, fragrance free, cruelty free.
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How To Use

1. Apply a thin layer on your face and leave on from 10 to 15 minutes.
2. Wash your face with warm water and a washcloth.
3. OMG my pores are so clean! -You.
Don't forget to do a patch test before using the clay. Avoid eye area. Don't leave it too much on you face. Moisturize afterwards.

See Full Ingredients

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay

Cleanse impurities, deep pore detoxifier, reduces blemishes, blackheads, and skin dryness or flakiness.

French Pink Clay

Improves skin elasticity and cell renewal for supple, younger looking skin.

Pomegranate Peel Powder

Rich in antioxidants in which it fights acne, pimples and rashes by keeping bacteria and other infections away.

Organic Apple powder

Firms, tones and tightens the skin in addition to the beautiful aroma.

Full ingredients

White Kaolin Clay (Kaolinite), Moroccan rhassoul clay, Pomegranate (Punica granatum) peel powder, French Pink Clay, Organic Apple (Pumila Mill) fruit powder.

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